custom terry and half terry socks

Terry Socks

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Terry is a manufacturing style where a sock area is knitted with a secondary loop in order to create extra cushioning. There are two types of  terry styles: full terry which covers the entire foot or half terry which focuses on the sole area.

Terry style socks are designed to increase comfort for the foot, making it more comfy but also keeping it warm thanks to the extra cushioning. Terry can be used any model, from no-show to ankle, quarter, crew and knee-high socks.

Terry and half terry socks are more particularly used for sports involving running back and forth and abrupt stops such as basketball, lacrosse, tennis, football and soccer, among others. Terry knitting can be applied to create thicker dress socks, winter socks (everyday use, ski, snowboarding) as well as boot socks (motorcycle, hiking, horseback riding and even doc martens’ type boots).

If you’re not sure if your customized socks should include terry, do not worry as we will help you select the most appropriate style based on what use your socks are designed for.

You can see clearly the knitting difference between terry and no terry on the picture above, the model on the left being thick and terry while on the one on the right is thin and standard. The picture below features a personalized full terry knee high sock which, as you can notice, looks pretty thick.

customized white knee-high socks