Featured Models

  • Custom Ankle Socks

    Our most popular ankle socks are 2.5 inches high and cover fully your ankle bone (their cuff height can vary from 1 to 3 inches, depending on your need). They are short, discreet, yet allow you to have your logo/design featured prominently on the ankle area or on the foot. Ankle […]

  • Custom Crew Socks

    Crew socks are probably not as popular as ankle and knee-high socks but they have the advantage to keep your foot warm while protecting your ankle. Crew socks are used for sports such as tennis or as everyday socks. Because they are longer than ankle socks (our crew socks have […]

  • Custom Knee-High Socks

    Knee-High socks are the new trendy socks. While this model used to be mostly associated with sports such as rugby, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, basketball, lacrosse, softball, crossfit, roller derby, it has now also become a fashion accessory, most particularly for girls wishing to make a statement: Knee-high socks are popular […]


  • Wrestling Socks Made for Wrestling Association

    Wrestling Socks Made for Wrestling Association

    Here are wrestling socks Make My Socks custom made for a wrestling association based in North America. These socks were designed by our client, specifically manufactured for them based on their requirements. MODEL The model is crew. BLEND These socks are made with our exclusive signature blend of nylon, spandex […]

  • Custom All Over Socks

    All Over Socks

    Mostly popular among women and kids, all over socks are socks where a logo, pattern or text is repeated all over, covering the entire sock area. All-over models are usually knee-high and in some cases crew-length, providing more space for the recurring design to be featured. All over patterns can be applied along the […]

  • custom terry and half terry socks

    Terry Socks

    Terry is a manufacturing style where a sock area is knitted with a secondary loop in order to create extra cushioning. There are two types of  terry styles: full terry which covers the entire foot or half terry which focuses on the sole area. Terry style socks are designed to increase comfort […]