Custom All Over Socks

All Over Socks

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Mostly popular among women and kids, all over socks are socks where a logo, pattern or text is repeated all over, covering the entire sock area.

custom crew socksAll-over models are usually knee-high and in some cases crew-length, providing more space for the recurring design to be featured. All over patterns can be applied along the leg, whether it’s flat or ribbed, and on the foot but not on heel and toe areas, which should be in a solid color for increase durability. Because these designs are smaller, they should be simple and not too detailed in order to be readable.

The most common all over patterns include diamonds, animals, food, flowers, signs or company logos and, on our end, we’ve been manufacturing pretty much everything from argyle models to weed and corn designs – to name a few.

With the emergence of printed socks, more sophisticated all over designs are now available covering the entire foot and leg areas with highly colorful, psychedelic designs. You should however be aware that these models do not last as long as knitted designs as printed works fade quicker, after multiple washes.

custom made argyle crew sock